KidsZone we give your kids a Great Start!

At KidsZone , we seek to provide a nurturing, stimulating and caring environment where all children in the community can feel safe as they learn and grow. Our aim is to fully encourage your child to embark on a lifetime of learning. Your child will also benefit from our nursery and preschool, which have been purposely built so that kids can have plenty of room to play and rest.

Extra Preschool Activities

Some of the extra preschool activities we offer at KidsZone include:

Four-Year-Old Programme

At Kidszone Preschool we run a programme for four year olds that will provide children with the basic preparation for school. This includes learning things such as number and letter recognition, basic writing skills, along with learning to sit on the mat and to work together as a group, plus lots more.

Dancing with Jodie

Jodie comes in once a week and teaches the children lots of fun and exciting dancing. This allows the children to be creative and expressive through dance.

Coach Mike (Play Ball Taranaki)

Play Ball is a pre-sport program for children, played in a fun setting; teaching ball skills, coordination, balance and much, much more.

Gavin the Builder

Each week on a Wednesday we have Gavin the Builder visit the preschool to teach the children building skills. 

Please note: the above activities are included in your weekly fee's, no additional charge is required

Kid learning how to take care of plants
Playball taranaki icon
Kid learning how to take care of plants
For more information and to discuss your child’s requirements, call 06 755 4999 today!
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